About the HCH System

The HCH System is based on unique set of construction prefabricates made of perlite, which can be jointed in precise way without any additional binding materials. The product has perfect properties: is energy-saving, environmental friendly, economical in manufacture and montage. In comparison to traditional technology it allows significant acceleration of the investment completion process, lowering costs of house construction in substantial way. The technology optimalises maintenance cost. The wall made in HCH technology does not require the use of additional layer of thermal insulation, at the same time keeping the parameters of the energy-saving building.

In opinion of the Building Research Institute from September 2012, the HCH masonry system fulfills the criteria of an innovative product. The system is protected by Polish and international patents (USA, UE, Middle East). From January 2016 the invention is also patent-protected in the whole teritory of Asia.  

Statment of the HCH Company